Hovering the corona 1.5M

Hovering the BPE

Phase 1 of project heli

1st attempt, 2nd attempt, 3rd attempt, 4th attempt Each are only about 1.5M

converted to clockwise rotation with tail turning backwards





Some oldies

Checking HS X400

Hovering the BPE 3-06-07 3.2M

2100T Gyro test for dialup .5M

Full test of 2100T Gyro 5M

How not to nose in 18M

Most recent try at AP 16M

 1st try at AP with a Corona 6M

A little backyard flying with a Corona 10M

Ugly Moth 5M

Moth crashes 2.5M

Indoor hovering 12m

10-15-06 in Ricks backyard 5m


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