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Project Heli  is my attempt at making a Collective Pitch heli from easily obtainable materials and parts using only the machinery most likely to be available to anyone. It will be turning 365mm light weight blades costing about 13$ a pair.

You are free to use any templates, designs, ideas, etc. for your own use but not for profit.  Discussion on this subject is available on HeliTown <click here>


Phase1<Click here to see the progress> I have a bunch of Corona parts and spares so it only makes sense I start with a design based on the Corona and its parts (excluding head). This will allow me to get it in the air quickly and inexpensively. I really need this step as I have a difficult time conceptualizing the design in 3d from 2d drawings. This step will allow me to get the layout correct.

You will need: (this list will be getting updated as I require stuff)


Hack saw, 

Drill press and good drill bits,

A dremel is handy. (well nearly required, you'll need one eventually anyway)

Scroll saw. (or if you are really into handcrafting a coping saw makes short work of 3/32" ply)



A CP head assy. I chose this one for 35$

5mm drill rod for shafting Part# 88625K64   $2.71 or equiv.

A Corona crutch, Tail boom bracket (1-82410), $7.18 2 lower bearing mounts(1-76365) $3.98,

2 bearing stoppers from x400, trex 450 etc, BP explorer etc. 5MM bore.

2 bearings 11x5x4mm (X400 main shaft bearings used in example, trex or corona main bearings will work fine).

4-40X 3/4" bolts, nuts (1-99398) $1.58/10 and washers (1-35140) $1.28/10 or substitute 3mm.

1 set of landing gear from a Voyager E (20$) or stock Corona (hey if you have them left over..)

4 .95" standoffs. A lathe is easier but they can be made almost as easy in a drill press. you'll also need to make some suitable for your servo choice.

4-40 tap and drill for threading the standoffs.

3/16" AL stock or tube for the standoffs

piece of G10 or the clear end pieces from a cdr spindle to fabricate the pitch servo plate.


Phase2 will come along after we get the frame all sorted out. This is where we will start to utilize some of the parts left over from other peoples (your own?) upgrades and go belt drive, and get it on a diet.

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