Most of my flying takes place in vacant lots and soccer/Little League/football fields. So I'm very partial to light slow airplanes. I set boundaries as to where there is nothing to damage and no people to injure and stay within those boundaries. Flying in a small area is fun but can be very rough on airplanes. I normally fly alone so pictures in the air are few but I hope to get more soon (yeah right)

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The GWS Slow Stick is hard to beat in a small area. You can really yank and bank it. With a GBX2 brushless motor it has plenty of power to get me out of trouble, but slows to a crawl. These photos were taken by my 90 yr old buddy Ernie, at one of the larger fields I frequent. It'll soon be a Wal Mart.

I have several of these normal configuration is GBX2  18t delta, 12p, 8x4 prop Phoenix 10 ESC, which gives a max of 8A, 20 oz thrust on a 2100 3s.AND truly outrageous flight times of over an hour.


For more fun and speed I have grafted a wing core from and added CF spars main and LE. Future improvements are adding some winglets, making coroplast wings. flown with the same configuration as the stock SS above.

Another good air frame is the GWS Estarter. It's a bit faster and smaller but very capable in a ball park. Flown with the same motor as the SS es above but with a 25A ESC and a larger prop 9x7 ish.

Probably a bit too fast, but very agile is the GWS Formosa. Configured as it is it goes faster than 70MPH and doesn't get out much. As I rarely go to fields big enough to safely fly it. Next time I have the cowl and hatch on to fly I'll have to get better pictures. This one has a 25mm custom motor that gives 36 oz on a 10x7 prop. weighs in at 15 oz ready to fly!


I have been doing some experimental work on converting a 5$ 4' kids glider to RC. Thus far I have had mixed results. The series is called Chea-Pass. The Original was just a kludge with a GBV 1.1 on it and was grossly under powered. Chea-Pass 1 was the same with twin GBV 1.1 and ailerons. The ailerons had NO effect, except to weaken the wings. It flew OK on the tail feathers though. Chea_Pass 2 was the same fuselage and tail with reinforced wings and a GBX2. It flew ok, and I would fly it if it was the only plane I had! Chea-Pass 3 is a flying wing with only a little bit of the fuselage to protect the radio gear. I'm still working with it (8-1-05) .


Chea-Pass 1            Chea-Pass 3