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Project Heli my latest adventure.


To do: configurations on each heli,

configurations I tried but didn't like (YMMV),

Split separate pages for different helis (this could get ugly as I add files)

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It all started with a Hornet2 bought from ebay at a very nice deal. I set it up and learned to hover with it. Soon it was apparent that the cost of learning more with the H2 was going to be higher than I wanted to pay so I moved to Fixed pitch (now sold)





Next came a Honey Bee 2 T fixed pitch (FP). Nice little Heli that came complete and ready to fly for less than 100$ Radio gear and all. (Now sold)

Once thoroughly bitten I ordered up a bare bones GWS Mini Dragonfly. I used parts replaced on the Hornet to complete the kit. Very nice little Heli.


I have since returned to more conventional landing gear to save weight as I no longer need the durability of the Trex landing gear. I never got the kind of performance I was expecting from the brushless tail. So off it went for a normal DD configuration, With a 400 class brushless motor and 25A ESC, M24 blades PG-02 gyro. It's completely ugly but a powerful nice flying heli for an FP. It is now setup to run on 3S LiPo. I'm very happy with it in it's current configuration. Shown below with a Ducted fan.

Next addition was a basket case H2 that I converted over to belt drive. Nice piece of machinery.


Then along came the X400 I really like this heli. Somehow I wound up with a pair of them.

More X-400 here

Somewhere between the 2 X400 I got a humming bird FP and chopped it down to moth size. Picture of me doing a close in hover from a timer. I can say 8 secs isn't much time to sit down, take off, get it in close and still look demon possessed. I had to practice!

Then along came several Coronas. Best heli in the world if you want to learn to fly not spend a bunch of time fixing and don't care what others think. Look for a separate page for these soon.

Corona page

I recently bought a BT freestyle, which is indeed a most excellent heli. Matt made it up for me at Awesome guy awesome heli. It runs on 6S LiPO.

More Freestyle here

My latest addition is a BP Explorer. I've had it for about a week (mar07) and the weather just won't let me run it much I took it up on a not so calm day 20mph and 25mph gusts and it did well. Hopefully I can finish my mini review here pretty soon. On a personal level I think I'm gonna like it. It runs on 3S2P 2100 mAH LiPo.

More on the BPE HERE!

I recently bought a 30 sized Hurricane 550. I'm not overly impressed with it. The best part of it is I can run it on the same packs I run everything else on in 6s1p with the 20C packs and 6S2P on the lesser packs. I only get 5 mins on 2100 mAH 6s1p though. It's worst downside is it is too big for the location I usually fly.


The fleet at the last reunion. This is kinda a moving target. There has been some changes like the x400 in on the left is now ccpm and wearing a lot more bling. * pathetically obsolete*




Most of my home made mounts, fins, etc. Can be found here. More coming soon

For Micro

OLD style                                                         NEW improved style


FP battery tray    Heli flat pieces                        battery tray and assories.pdf

For Mini

Battery tray for x400

For Electric


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