I have a few micros I don't seem to ever use any more so it's time to send them to someone who will.

How about everything on this page for 160$? click on the pics for a larger view (except stuff2 which I only have a thumbnail of.

Mothed Humming bird FP

Castle creations PHX 10 on main turning a Razor micro Heli V2 motor
9A brushless ESC on tail turning a Feigao 12mm 4200 kv
2X Futaba S3110 servos
PG03 Gyro
azur microlite antena (I think anyway)
Berg 4 chan rx with no crystal (I'm on 27 and likely you aren't)

Several modifications scattered around in it. Has a fair scattering of GWS parts in it as they interchange. The AR pin was broken and repaired with thread and CA (it has several hours on it that way so I deem it "a repair equal to replacement") It sits a little pigeon toed because I had to drill a leg out and screwed it up. There is both a new swash and frame included in the spares.


Full separates GWS mini dragonfly.
2x 9g RCexpert servos
GWS 350 motor 12t pinion and MS-055PLUS ESC
DD tail pp5A ESC
PG02 gyro
Ball in swash
Kyosho M24 blades
Hitec feather 4 RX

This one seldom gets any use either. It's a nice flying heli but I just grab the moth instead. The M24 blades are very durable and get the HS up to the point where FFF is a breeze. There is no canopy but the HBee CP2 or BCP fits over the battery holder nicely.

You will need a computer TX that has revo mixing to run these heli, and ~1000mAH 2s lipos.


several canopies which may or may not work with the lipo forward mod I normally use CP2 or BCP canopies but none are included.

A bunch of mothed main blades and DD props.

spare center hub, head linkage pack, short links, swash, frame, 2mm cf for LG and FB, tail boom, brushed main motor and tail motor, EDP-40H for tail or as spare brushed motor, 3 MS and spurs, 3200KV brushless motor, paddles, and some more odds and ends I haven't dug out of the nooks and cranies, A gws +(JR) shift 4 chan rx and some open pack working spares. The more I look the more I find.


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