Around the time frame of Aug-Sep 2004 I became interested again in RC aircraft. This was caused by the advent of brushless cdrom motors, Lithium Polymer batteries, inexpensive radio gear and plane kits. These small electric aircraft allow reasonably safe flight in a church/school yard, park etc. inside city limits. No muss no fuss, just a whole lot of fun!

I want to make this page informative as possible, but not dig into my flight time too much. Questions or comments about brushless cdrom based motors, general electric rc flight etc can be posted on the Go Brushless® forum Here (please choose the correct topic) Questions or comments about this page can be sent to me here. email us Please use this email for topics that no one else would be interested in, ie broken links etc, otherwise the information won't be available to others.

CDRom motor basics     


The following drawings are available from here. They should be used as guide lines only, for lathe equipped cdrom motor builders. I'll only provide the 25mm drawings as GB has the 22.7 mm parts too inexpensive to be worth while making. The bearing tube is easy and quick so I save 5$ by making my own. The rotor parts are with very tight clearances and you will have to skim a few thous off the stator to get your desired clearance, or build it in. I prefer to skim as it trues the stator to the bearing tube. These are for 5x2x12mm magnets. You'll want to shorten by 2mm for 10mm magnets. The section of the fluxring is quite thin as I use 4130 CrMO alloy. If you are using pipe you'll want to thicken it. I have tested to 27,000 RPM with a 12mm stack and it holds up YMMV. Test careful, if you hurt yourself it's your fault.



End bell              Fluxring             Bearing Tube      Circuit Card        Mount Lock        Mount

 Done correctly you'll end up with this. Click the thumb nails for a large picture.



 Here are some of my brushless planes,            My Heli page



Convert old styles of servo connectors to other receivers Requires a .pdf viewer

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