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Some of the Coronas I've run.

Bone stock geared Corona notice the taller strut on the rear landing gear.

Same heli with Hawk landing gear. Notice on the rear strut mount a block was added to level it out.

Newer mod with longer rear strut mount and belt drives. Lighter Voyager E landing gear.  Boom protector is simply balsa sandwiched in bamboo wrapped in colored packing tape..

The other side...

Size comparison 120 vs 117. Both fly about the same. You'd think that the shorter one would be more skittish but the higher HS seems to make up for it. The shorter version seems to need no mods to prevent "pop up" in FFF either. I trained a couple people on the shorty.

I've been threatening this page for a long time. It's a very hard page to do and one I should be passionate about. If you want to learn to fly and have a lot of fun doing it you NEED a Corona. If you really like to fly for a little and fix for a long while you don't need a Corona. I have no intention of detailing upgrades that are readily available from Matt at  Those are all great quality.

So the trigger to get me moving is the G10 reinforced feathering plate I just made.

They really are the same length. It's just a camera thing. It's pretty simple really just cut the template below out of G10, CF, etc, and remove the same thickness from the raised portion at the end of the feathering plate (on both sides). Insert a 4-40 screw and nut to clamp it in place while the CA glue dries (on each end). The glue is only used to keep from having to wrestle the blade grips on and align 3 separate pieces. The glue has nothing to do with the stiffening. That is assured by the fact that neither the upper or lower plate can compress or stretch as both are held by the lead/lag screw.


Click here for 1:1 PDF template

I have several flights on this feathering plate and I really like it! It certainly livens the old corona up. I couldn't believe how responsive it became after installing the reinforcement, at least as much response was gained as installing the CF flybar. Makes a whole different heli.




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