1st let me me state that my only connection to gobrushless.com is as a very satisfied customer and an active member of their forum (as swatson144). Outstanding forum for learning how these things work and how to use them. Parts are available for custom motors (GBX) and  stock (GBV). This is kinda important as you can disassemble 50 broken cdroms and not necessarily find 2 sets of matching parts. Their parts match! Great reliable fast service. Great prices! They will be used often in this page as GB. Though like anyone else in retail they would like you to buy from them (you won't be sorry), you are welcome to use any source of parts and find assistance in their forum.

I won't go much into tutorials as there are nicely done tutorials on GB. I would like to give a basic foundation on what is involved.

The parts:

Once you have demolished your way through the cdrom, this is what we are after. from an acer 42x   Click Pictures for larger view. I point out the important parts. Note that on most cdroms the head assembly is removed by removing the 3mm guide shafts, which make great motor shafts.



Top of ass'y            Bottom of Ass'y

You'll want to save everything noted, at the minimum. Which will leave you with these parts.


We got 1 shaft (often there are 2), 1 magnet (often there are 2), 1 can with a black plasticized 12 pole magnetic ring inside, and a 20mm stator with bearing assembly. These are your basic parts, with the exception of the magnet which is not used in the motor, but sure comes in handy for securing hatch covers etc. The shaft is not used in the basic motor but is used when you need a motor with a longer shaft. The little IC chips that are beneath the arms of the stator can be used to measure magnetic flux by following these instructions. It also shows how to do some of the further disassembly.


Before I go on I'll show a few of my motors to give you the big picture.



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