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Well you know if you have mastered 3d and look for a heli to rag on this could be it! Since I'm way too slow to master 3d, I find it refreshing to fly a merely aerobatic heli.

Discussion of this heli is available at HeliTown

The BPE is the same as the EP Blackhawk by Helipros.

My current configuration is 3X HS-65HB on cyclic, GWS RD8SL RX (wouldn't be my first choice but it was on hand and works well* now changed to a Berg 7H* ), LogicTech 2100T gyro with S9650 servo, CC PHX-45 ESC with the stock motor. I run it on the same packs that I use in my other helis (2100mAH 3S) in 3s2p configuration.

Here's a plot of it in pretty mild FF.

A video of it can be seen Hovering the BPE. I was just verifying the Micro Power data logger was setup correctly by hovering over a tachometer and since the camera was there to record the tach readings, I decided to record a little "pop" checking. It was windy that day.


Here's another video of me hovering around with the BPE.

A few naked pictures <click for full size> In these pictures it has S3110s all around, but has since been changed to HS-65 and S9650.


After spending a little time on it running 3s2p with Common Sense RC's 8C budget packs (~50$ for the pair) I decided having a nice flat platform would be great to ease the installation of packs and also add a little protection.  I use a plastic ruler to slide between the packs to separate the velcro.

Drawing of the trays here. Just cut them out of Lite ply and paint. wire tie on. It's a little confusing...the front tray is 3 pieces. Just stack 2 pieces, cut around the outside edge. Remove a piece and cut the space out for the wire tie. restack and glue with the ends/sides flush.

After about 6 flight hours my S3110 on the tail went out (apparently I had the 2100T in digimode) so I replaced it with a S9650. The servo boom clamps were still good so I couldn't see ordering a complete S9650 setup when I have G10 in the garage.

You can click here for the template


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