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Joke of the day: What do you get when a monkey finds a marker?

Absolutely nothing!.......Where is you laugh I need too here it!


sports of the week:

 well it seems people are having trouble with....... soccer well all you have to do is kick the ball in too the goal as many times as you can and you....... lose still. you can fix that by getting the ball and keeping it ok good now go out there and have some fun... WITH YOUR TEAM MATES yes you can let them have the ball.


Animal fact of the week:

Did you know a cats eyes actually shift from big too skinny well when they are wide/big it lets more light in so the can see in the dark and skinny to not let so much light in so its not too bright for them.


It is now finally SPRING pack away those winter clothes away and get outside and play games with your friends






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